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Whether you're starting fresh with a new business website or you're looking to begin a redesign, I can help you bring a professional feel and flow to your site. I  also specialize in custom graphics and other small, medium and large design projects. 

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Make the best first impression with content that emulates professionalism and the type of quality, services and products people trust. When it comes to your brand and business, you want a professional writer in your corner! 

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Find out how I can help you deliver your message to the world! Consultations are free, private, and there is no obligation Let's discuss how I can help you succeed!

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How does your current online presence stack up?

The latest research has identified 3 of the most critical elements of website design, structure and content. Read about each factor that determines whether your online traffic will convert or bounce away. I'll also share my strategies for ensuring better conversion rates and ROI for your business and brand.

1. Online potential customers make a decision about whether they like your website in 0.05 seconds. That's lliterally a snap judgement!

My strategy: In order to retain customers the moment they arrive to your website, the layout and design must be geometrically pleasing to the eye and clearly map out the steps they should take to move further and understand your brand and services.

2. Mobile responsiveness is probably the most important deciding factor that will quickly deter or retain online customers. If even a single image is chopped in half on a mobile view, you risk the customer getting frustrated and leaving your site!

My strategy: Before launching a newly designed website or landing page, I always ensure that all images and content are 100% mobile responsive. Not just that, mobile view should be proportionate and scroll smoothly through each section of the page.

3. Online leads become customers only after they have requested your service or purchased your product. And it is that step  which must be painless for the customer.

My strategy: I ensure total user-friendly navigation, call to actions and buttons so that with just a single click customers gain access to your product or service. Furthermore, contact forms and service requests are deliberately simple, requiring very little input from the customer. Research shows customers tend to be intimidated by lengthy forms and more comfortable if less information is required of them.

These are just a few ways to ensure an outstanding experience for your website visitors! Let me show you what else I can do to enhance the overall appeal of your website, while reducing bounce rate and increasing conversions.


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